Grammar, Comparative and General Phonology

Grammar, Comparative and general Phonology Scope Note Narrower Term: Ambiguity Narrower Term: Anaphora (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Applicative grammar Narrower Term: Cartesian linguistics Narrower Term: Categorial grammar Narrower Term: Conditionals (Logic) Narrower Term: Emphasis (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Generative grammar Narrower Term: Grammaticality (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Lexical grammar Narrower Term: Linguistic analysis (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Linguistic String Parser (Computer grammar) Narrower Term: Markedness (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Network grammar Narrower Term: Order (Grammar) Narrower Term: Parsing (Computer grammar) Narrower Term: Relational grammar Narrower Term: Speculative grammar Narrower Term: Stratificational grammar Narrower Term: Systemic grammar Narrower Term: Tagmemics Narrower Term: Transmutation (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Cognitive grammar Narrower Term: Principles and parameters (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Role and reference grammar Narrower Term: Frames (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Unification grammar Narrower Term: Compositionality (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Constraints (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Productivity (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Evidentials (Linguistics) Narrower Term: Construction grammar Narrower Term: Finiteness (Linguistics) Absolute constructions Accents and accentuation Adjectival constructions Adjectivals Adjective Adjective groups Adjunctivals Adjuncts Adverb Adverbials Affixes Agent nouns Agreement Analogy Animacy Animateness Applicative constructions Apposition Article Aspect Asymmetry Attribute Auxiliaries Case Causative constructions Classifiers Clauses Clicks Clitics Closed-class words Clusivity Comparative clauses Comparison Compensatory lengthening Complement Complex nominals Composition Compound words Concessive clauses Concord Conditional clauses Conditional constructions Conditional sentences Conditionals Conjunctions Conjunctive mood Connectives Consonants Constituent sentence Context Coordinate constructions Copula Data processing. Deictic function = Deixis Deletion Demonstratives Derivation Deterioration Determiners Diminutives Direct object Duration Ellipsis Elliptical constructions Embedded clause Empty words Ergative case Ergative constructions Exclamations Juvenile literature. Exclusive Exercises Existential constructions Form words Function words Functors Gender Gerund Gerundive Government Gradation Grammatical categories Grammatical words Grammaticalization Honorific Hypothetical clauses Ideophone Imperative Impersonal constructions Inclusive Indicative Indirect discourse Indirect quotation Infinitival constructions Infinitive Infinitive clauses Infinitive phrases Infixes Inflection Inserted clause Intensification. Interjections Interrogative Intonation Iterative constructions Locative constructions Major form classes Mass nouns Mass terms Mathematical models Middle voice Modality Modularity Mood Morphology Morphosyntax Mutation Negatives Nominals Non-count nouns Noun Noun phrase Number Numerals Object, Direct Opposition. [from old catalog] Parenthetical constructions Parsing Particles Partitives Passive voice Pejoratives Person Phonemics. Phonetics Phonology Phrasal verb Phrases Polite form Possessive adjective Possessive case Possessive pronoun Possessives Postpositions Predicate Prefixes Prepositional phrases Prepositions Pronominal constructions Pronominals Pronoun Protasis Quantifiable nouns Quantifiers Reciprocals Reduction Reduplication Reflexives Relative clauses Reported speech Resultant constructions Resultative constructions Semantics Sentence connectors Sentence particles Sentences Structural words Subject Subject and predicate Subjectless constructions Subjunctive Subordinate constructions Substitution Suffixes and prefixes Suppletion Switch-reference Syllable Syntax Temporal clauses Temporal constructions Tense Terminology Theme and rheme Tone Topic and comment Transitivity Typology Unbounded nouns Uncountable nouns Unification Verb Verb Government Verb Person Verb phrase Verb Transitivity Verbal aspect Verbals Voice Vowel gradation Vowel harmony Vowel reduction Vowels Word formation Word order

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