805-1799: Print Media

a (c. 805-1799) Print Media The advent of printing in Korea c. 805 soon moved to China. The oldest extant printed book (868) from China, the Diamond Sutra, is now in the British Museum. It was not until 1454 that Gutenberg publsihed the first book in the West, the Gutenberg Bible. Gutenberg went bankrupt. It took about 200 years to translate a major portion of recorded knowledge into published form. The mid 17th century also saw another innovation, a gradual shift from written to pulished corespondence that heralded the rise of journals which would later be recognized as secondary literature. Print continued after 1799 and has continued in some senses to the present day. But that year marked the demonstrations of an electrical battery by Volta meant that the beginning of the 19th century issued the advent of an electric Era.

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