5 Parts of Soul

5 Parts of the Soul Imagination is a name traditionally given to one of the powers of the mind enumerated in so-called faculty psychologies,[1] which divide the human soul according to fundamental capacities. Most medieval discussions follow Aristotle in taking the vegetative, sensitive, and intellectual parts as basic; Thomas Aquinas amplifies this to five by adding the appetitive (including will) and the locomotive powers.[2] Each of these parts may in turn be subdivided according to its various functions and objects. The intellectual power, for instance, can be divided, according to its mode of operation, into intellect, which is immediately apprehensive, and discursive reason, which proceeds by stages; or, emphasizing instead the object toward which the faculty is directed, one can divide it into the three capacities of knowing (l) what is changing, (2) what is unchanging but material, and (3) what is unchanging and wholly immaterial. http://content.cdlib.org/xtf/view?docId=ft0d5n99fd&chunk.id=d0e552&toc.depth=1&toc.id=d0e539&brand=eschol

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