Space-Time Horizon

Space-Time Horizon is used to distinguish betwwn Subsumptive Relations Universals- General (Not in Space-Time) Taxonomy (is a) Subsumptive Relations 1. Domain:Plantae 2. Kingdom:Plantae 3. Division:Magnoliophyta 4. Class:Magnoliopsida 5. Order:Rosales 6. Family:Rosaceae 7. Subfamily:Maloideae 8. Genus:Malus 9. Species:M domestica Attributes Substance/Accident Partonomy Whole/Part ------------------------------------Space-Time Horizon--------------------------- Particulars-Individuals (In Space-Time) Activities Determinative Relationas Operations Cultivars Varieties Processes Products Ordinal Relations Space Time Place ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who Where When How Why Space Place Position Time Operations Poocesses Goals Results , Products Universals - Genus (Not in Space-Time) - Species Causes (Determinative Relations) Description Example Final Cause Goal (Telos), Purpose Function of House Formal Cause Essence, Substance, Definition Head Bricklayer ------------------------------------Space-Time Horizon------------------------------------------------------------------ Particulars-Individuals (In Space-Time) Material Cause Suffering (Processes) Bricks, Stones Efficient Cause Action (Operations) Carpenter Divisio - Partitio Taxonomy - Partonomy Whole Parts

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