Göttinger Online-Klassifikation

Göttinger Online-Klassifikation (GOK), Interdisciplinary Gender Studies A Generalities; Research and Scholarship; Information Sciences, Library Science, Book Science AH Computer Science B Journalism C Theology D Philosophy E Mathematics FA Psychology FK Education FY Athletics and Physical Education GA Art History GU Musicology H - K Languages and Literature L - LE; LI - LL Social Science and Demographics LF - LH Political Science LM - LZ Economics M Medicine N Jurisprudence O Archaeology P History Q - QL Geography QM Ethnology (of non-European cultures) / Cultural Anthropology QU Folkore and European Ethnology RA General Natural Sciences RD Physics S Chemistry T - TL Astronomy TM - VZ Earth Sciences and Maps W Biology YA - YN Agriculture YO - YZ Forestry Z Engineering http://www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/scripts/gok/browse.php?lang=en

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