Who Generalist What General Broader Term Universal Class: General Narrower Term Particular General Libraries 0. Generalities 00. General Form 000 – Computer science, information, and general works 002. General Terms 01 general works 01. General Structure 017 General subject catalogs 02 science and culture in general 02. General Terms 030 General Encyclopedic Works 031 General encyclopedic works -- American 032 General encyclopedic works in English 033 General encyclopedic works in other Germanic languages 034 General encyclopedic works in French, Provencal, Catalan 035 General encyclopedic works in Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romanic 036 General encyclopedic works in Spanish & Portuguese (Latin American) 037 General encyclopedic works in Slavic languages 038 General encyclopedic works in Scandinavian languages 039 General encyclopedic works in other languages 050 General serials & their indexes 060 General organization & museology 10 humanities in general 12 Generals 12 Heavenly Generals 2. General Terms 2. General Terms Intro 2/9 Generalia, Phenomena, Knowledge, Information science & technology 23. General and Technical Physics 3 Human Being, Man in General 30 exact sciences in general 50 technical science in general 70 social sciences in general 71. General and National Economics 73. Technology in General 84. Information in General A General Works A Generalities; Research and Scholarship; Information Sciences, Library Science, Book Science a old General Encyclopaedias attributes and properties by general type Audience: General public AY-B General science, Physics. 1999 Class: Exact Sciences in General Class: General Class: Humanities in General Class: Social Sciences in General Exact Sciences in General functions by general context Fundamental, Subordinate, Associative, Generalisation, Aggregation General General (Military) General Aspects General Biography General Collections General Data General Economics General Education General Encyclopaedias General Encyclopedic Works General Existence - Specific Individual Things, Beings General Ida General Semantics General Works Generalisation - Aggregation Generalisation entity Grammar, Comparative and General Morphology Grammar, Comparative and General Phonology Grammar, Comparative and general Phonology, Comparative Grammar, Comparative and general--Bibliography Human Being, Man in General Humanities in General K Law (General) Knowledge Generally Man in a General Biological Sense Man in General Monkey General physical activities by general context Precious General RA General Natural Sciences Science and Culture in General Self-Evident Truth - General Consent Snake General Social sciences (General) styles and periods by general era Technical Science in General Tortoise General Tortoise General - Snake General

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