Geo- relates to Earth and is a prefix foe basic earth sciences. Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? Geophysics Geography Geochronology Geometry Geology Geochemistry Geodesy Chronogeology Geometrology Geoscience Geogenesis Form Structure Geo-Morphology Geo-Structure Properties Geo-Statics Geo-Dynamics Geo-Thermics Practice Disciplines Geo- Botany Geo-Biology Geo -Chemsitry Geoengineering Geo-Physics Geo-Mechanics Geomechanics Geotechnology (Geotechnics) Geo-Industry Geo- - Chrono- Geo-Dynamics Geo-Structure Geo-Thermal Geoelectricity Geogenesis Geomorphology Geostatistics Hydro- Natural World Physical World Questions: Grammar Space γή Geo-Chemical Geo-Structure Geo-Technical Geo-Thermal

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