Machine Parts

Machine parts Machine parts Scope Note:Search also subdivisions Parts; Bodies--Parts; Motors--Parts; and Transmission devices, Automatic--Parts under individual land vehicles, e.g. Automobiles--Parts; Automobiles--Bodies--Parts; Automobiles--Motors--Parts; and Automobiles--Transmission devices, Automatic--Parts Note: Here are entered general works on machine parts considered in themselves, not as directly related to complete machines. Works on parts of specific machines are entered under the machine, e.g. Automobiles--Parts. Special kinds of parts not peculiar and limited to specific types of machinery are entered under appropriate headings, e.g. Bolts and nuts; Cams Reference Information Scope Note Narrower Term: Agricultural machinery Parts Narrower Term: Airplanes Parts Narrower Term: Airplanes, Military Parts Narrower Term: Diesel motor Parts Narrower Term: Interchangeable mechanisms Narrower Term: Lumbering Machinery Parts Narrower Term: Marine machinery Parts Narrower Term: Mining machinery Parts See Also: Spare parts

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