Nine Form Concepts

General Form Concepts In the Information Coding Classification (ICC ) Ingetraut Dahberg uses General Form Concepts: 01.Theories, Principles 02. Object, Component 03. Activity, Process 04. Property, Attribute 05. Persons or Contd 06. Institutions or Contd 07. Technology and Production 08. Application and Determinant 09. Distribution and Synthesis These form a matrix through a combination with 9 Areas: 1. Form and Structure Area 2. Energy and Matter Area 3. Cosmo- and Geo- Area 4. Bio- Area 5. Human Area 6. Socio Area 7. Economics and Technology Area 8. Science and Information Area 9. Culture Area Theories Principles, Object Component, Activity Process, Property Attribute, Persons or Contd, Institutions or Contd, Technology and Production, Application and Determinant, Distribution and Systhesis

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