Nine Areas in ICC

Dahlberg organizes the Information Coding Classifcation (ICC) in terms of 9 Areas vertically: 1. Form and Structure Area Phylo Morpho Formal Structural 2. Energy and Matter Area E Hylo 3. Cosmo- and Geo- Area Cosmo-, Geo- 4. Bio- Area Bio- 5. Human Area Anthro- 6. Socio Area Socio- 7. Economics and Technology Area Econo-, Techno- 8. Science and Information Area Scientific, Info- Cogno- 9. Culture Area Cultural She combines these with 9 general form concepts to produce a matrix of 81 fields of knowledge. Form and Structure, Energy and Matter, Cosmo- and Geo, Bio- Area, Human, Socio, Economics and Technology, Science and Information, Culture Phylo Morpho Formal Structural, E Hylo, Cosmo- Geo, Bio, Anthro- Socio, Econo- Techno- Scientific Info- Cogno-, Cultural

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