trikalA Colone Sanskrit Dictionary f. N. of a female deity produced by the union of 3 gods for the destruction of Andhaka 2 trikAla n. the 3 times or tenses (pf. , pr. fut.) SvetUp. BhP. v RamatUp. ; mfn. relating to them Samkhyak. 33 m. a Buddha W. ; ({am}) ind. 3 times , thrice BhP. v ; in the morning , at noon , and in the evening MBh. xiii ; (%{-la-}) Ka1m. ; %{-jJa} mfn. knowing the 3 times , omniscient R. i VarBrS. ; m. a Buddha L. ; {-darzin} mfn. omniscient a sage L. {-nAtha} m. N. of a Yogin Sinhas. {-rUpa} mfn. three-shaped at the 3 times (of day i.e. the sun) {-vid} mfn. omniscient a Buddha an Arhat of the Jainas

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