7 Spirits

7 Spirits Those seven spirits are
Imset Hapy (Hapi) Duamutef Qebehsenuf, Maaitef, Kherbaqef, Horus-khentirty,
and they place Anubis on guard for the burial of Osiris Another version: after the purification of Osiris Another version: Those seven spirits are
Nedjehdjeh-slumberer, Bull-that-cannot be-given-fire Foremost-of-his flame, Entering-of-sight-who-is-in-his-hour, Red-eyed-of-the-following-of-the-Temple-of-Red, Shining-faced-coming-out-backwards, Seeing-by-night-fetching-by-day. http://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/literature/religious/bd17.html
Seven Spirits (the other three being Maa-atef, Kheribeqef, and Heru-khenti-en-ariti) who made up a group appointed by Anubis. These Seven Spirits (or Seven Shining Ones)

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