kaNva m. ({kaN} Un2. i , 151) N. of a renowned Rishi (author of several hymns of the Rig-veda ; he is called a son of Ghora and is said to belong to the family of Angiras) {As}) m. pl. the family or descendants of Kanva ib. (besides the celebrated Rishi there occur a Kanva Narshada AV. iv , 19 , 2 Kanvarayasa TS. v , 4 , 7 , 5 KanvaKasyapa MBh. Sak. &c. the founder of a Vedic school several princes and founders of dynasties several authors) a peculiar class of evil spirits (against whom the hymn AV. ii , 25 is used as a charm) (mfn.) deaf praising , a praiser one who is to be praised {am}) n. sin , evil 2 kANva mfn. relating to or worshipping Kanva m. a descendant of Kanva a worshipper of Kanva {As}) m. pl. the school of Kanva N. of a dynasty {am}) n. N. of several Samans.

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