Imhotep He was said to be a son of Ptah, his mother being a mortal named Khredu-ankh. Wiki: Imhotep cf. http://www.nbufront.org/html/MastersMuseums/JHClarke/HistoricalPersonalities/hp2.html Ancient Egyptians also had a version of Ophiuchus, whom they knew as Imhotep... so perhaps, like Christ, this is an example of a recurring mythic archetype... and like the story of Saint Nick, was exaggerated and transfigured. It is interesting to note that in the Norse depiction of Armageddon- called by them Ragnarok, a man-god- Thor- wrestles with a giant serpent named Jormungand for the fate of the world. http://newsblaze.com/story/20071111122844tsop.nb/topstory.html

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