Khabsu Tree

Khbasu Tree It is probable that the tree of the pole-star was known in Egypt as the khabsu tree, or tree of the star, signifying the pole. Renouf says that khabsu is the name of a tree held sacred in various places in Egypt; and according to one reading (Rit., ch. 133), the tree of paradise that breathed the refreshing air of the north were khabsu trees. If so, these were seven in number, like all other types of the heptanomis, or the stations of the pole. There is a group of the khabsu gods who were a form of the seven great spirits, on the mount of glory and who receive the ascending spirits of the just made perfect at the summit of the hill. They are identified by name as the gods of the lamp or the light, which were seven in number in the circumpolar heaven, equivalent to the seven lamp-stands or seven-branched candlestick upon the mountain in the book of Revelation. http://www.theosophical.ca/Book9BAncientEgypt.htm

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