avi avi mfn. ( {av}) , favourable , kindly disposed AV. v , 1 , 9 , ({is}) mf. a sheep RV. (mentioned with reference to its wool being used for the Soma strainer) AV. &c. the woollen Soma strainer RV. {is}) m. a protector , lord L. ; the sun L. ; air , wind L. ; a mountain L. a wall or enclosure a cover made of the skin of mice {is}) f. an ewe AV. x , 8 , 31 , (= a-vi q.v. cf. also {adhi}) a woman in her courses L. [cf. Lith. {awi-s} ; Slav. {ovjza} , Lat. {ovi-s} ; Gk. $-s ; Goth. {avistr}].

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