Matsya = Fish Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary matsya m. (cf. {matsa} and {maccha}) a fish RV. &c. &c. (personified as a prince with the patr. {sAmmada} S3Br.) a partic. species of fish L. (in astron.) the figure of a figure (= {timi}) Suryas. a partic. luminous appearance VarBrS. (du.) the 12th sign of the zodiac (Pisces) Jyot. a partic. figure (= {svastikamadhyAkRti}) Hcat. (pl.) N. of a people and country (which accord. to Mn. ii , 19 forms part of Brahmarshi) RV. &c.&c. a king of the Matsyas (cf. {matsa}) N. of Virata (as having been found by fishermen , along with his sister Matsya or Satya-vati , in the body of the Apsaras Adrika , metamorphosed into a fish) MBh. N. of a pupil of Deva-mitra Sskalya Cat. {A}) f. a female fish Un2. iv , 104 Sch. N. of the sister of king Virata (cf. above) MBh. {I}) f. see {matsa} and g. gaurAdi}.

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