kAla Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: 1 mf({I} Pan2. 4-1 , 42)n. (fr. 3. {kal}?) , black , of a dark colour , dark-blue MBh. R. &c. m. a black or dark-blue colour the black part of the eye the Indian cuckoo the poisonous serpent Coluber Naga (= {kAlasarpa}) the plant Cassia Sophora a red kind of Plumbago the resin of the plant Shorea robusta the planet Saturn N. of Siva ; of Rudra BhP. iii , 12 , 12 of a son of Hrada Hariv. 189 ; of the prince Kala-yavana BhP. iii , 3 , 10 of a brother of king Prasena-jit of a future Buddha of an author of Mantras (= Asva-ghosha) Buddh. of a Naga-raja Buddh. of a Rakshas R. vi , 69 , 12 ; of an enemy of Siva L. of a mountain R. iv , 44 , 21 Karand. of one of the nine treasures Jain. a mystical N. of the letter {m} {A}) f. N. of several plants (Indigofera tinctoria L. ; Piper longum L. ; (perhaps) Ipomoea atropurpurea Susr. ; Nigella indica L. ; Rubia Munjista L. ; Ruellia longifolia L. ; Physalis flexuosa L. ; Bignonia suaveolens Bhpr.) ; the fruit of the Kala g. {harItaky-Adi} N. of a {zakti} Hcat. of a daughter of Daksha (the mother of the Kaleyas or Kalakeyas , a family of Asuras) N. of Durga {I}) f. black colour , ink or blacking abuse , censure , defamation a row or succession of black clouds night a worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk (= {kSIra-kITa} or {kSAra-kITa}) the plant Kalanjani Ipomoea Turpethum a kind of clay Bignonia suaveolens one of the seven tongues or flames of fire a form of Durga one of the Matris or divine mothers N. of a female evil spirit (mother of the Kalakeyas) Hariv. 11552 one of the sixteen Vidya-devis L. ; N. of Satyavati , wife of king Santanu and mother of Vyasa or Krishna-dvaipayana (after her marriage she had a son Vicitra-virya , whose widows were married by Krishna-dvaipayana , and bore to him Dhrita-rashtra and Pandu MBh. Hariv. according to other legends Kali is the wife of Bhimasena and mother of Sarvagata (with or without {gaGgA}) N. of a river {am}) n. a black kind of Agallochum kind of perfume ({kakkolaka}) L. iron L.

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