Kether = crown keter of Atzilut into "three heads," identified either as:
"the Unknowable Head";          "the Head of Nothingness";         "the Head of Infinity,"
or as
"the Unknowable Head";          "the Skull";                                        "the Concealed Brain."

Kether is above the Crown of the Head, and represents a crown which indeed is powerful, but requires one worthy to wear it. In the crown of the head is placed the faculty of Neschamah, which is the power of Aspiration unto that which is beyond. This power Neschamah is especially attributed unto the Supernal Triad in Assiah, of which there are three manifestations which are included in the general concept, Neschamah. From Chokmah and Binah are formed the sides of the brain and .head. Therein exist the intellectual faculties of Wisdom and Understanding, shining into and illuminating their inferior, the Ruach. They are the mansions of the practical administration of the intellect, whose physical shewing forth is by reflection in Ruach. In the Magical Mirror of the Universe, or the Sphere of Sensation, Man is placed between four pillars of the Tree of Life as projected in a sphere. These keep their place and MOVE NOT, but the Man himself places in his Sphere of Sensation that point of the Zodiac which ascended at the moment of his birth and conception (for the same degree of the Zodiac ascendeth at both, otherwise the birth could not take place). That is to say that at those times the same degree of the Zodiac is ascending in the East of the Heavens of the Star whereon he is incarnated. Thus doth he remain during that incarnation facing that particular point in his sphere of sensation. That is to say, this sphere DOTH NOT REVOLVE about the physical body.




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