Pangaea Af-rui-ka the inner land which all continents of the world separated from was at one time part of a large super continent called Pangaea about 175 million years ago. Then about 50 million years ago the super continent of Pangaea began to break up ( separate ) into smaller continents. On the continent called Af-rui-ka life began to take root from the smallest fish in the oceans to the largest land animals and mammals. About 40 million years later on the continent called Af-rui-ka the primates began to evolve into human beings (a controversial thought but one that I believe ) and so did the ancient Kemites ( Egyptians ) because they show as one of their gods ( Thoth ) who happens to be a baboon, and they always show this baboon like god with its phallus erect, meaning that we man and woman are evolved off springs or descendants of a baboon, monkey like being. http://alscweb.net/four.html

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