Cologni Sanskrit Dictionary
pAli f. (in most meanings and ifc. f. also i1 [cf. under {pAla}] ; according to Un. iv , 529 Sch. fr. {pal}) the tip or lobe of the ear , the outer ear Susr. (cf. {karNa-} and {zravaNa-p-}) a boundary , limit , margin , edge MBh. Kav. &c. a row , line , range Ratnav. Sis. Git. a dam , dike , bridge Rajat. a pot , boiler HParis. a partic. measure of capacity (= {prastha}) prescribed food , maintenance of a scholar during the period of his studies by his teacher the lap , bosom a circumference a mark , spot a louse a woman with a beard L. = {prazaMsA} {-lI} ifc. to denote praise , Gan.) ; = {prabedha}

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