Semivowels In Sanskrit the semivowels, known as the yavarga are y r l v and correspond to the English letters: Y R L V Cf. Sanskrit terms: yaN (in gram.) a term for the semivowels {y} {r} {l} {v} Pan. alpaprANa m. (in Gr.) slight breathing or weak aspiration (the effort in uttering the vowels , the semivowels {y} , {r} , {l} , {v} , the consonants {k} , {c} , {T} , {t} , {p} , {g} , {j} , {D} , {i} , {b} , and the nasals , is said to be accompanied with slight aspiration , but practically {alpaprANa} is here equivalent to unaspirated , as opposed to {mahA-prANa} q.v.) Pan. 1-1 , 9 Sch. ; (mfn.) having short breath , not persevering , soon tired Susr. pronounced with slight breathing Kavyad.

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