Bebi Bebi, or Baba, or Baba or Babai, was the first-born son of Osiris. According to Dr. Brugsch, Baba was personified in the form of some Typhonic mythological animal, and was the god who presided over the phallus; the blood which fell from his nose grew into plants which subsequently changed into cedars. Dr. Pleyte has rightly identified Bebi or Baba with the Bebwv or Bebwva of Plutarch {De Iside, 62} and with the Babus of Hellanicus. Bebon was a name of Typhon, i.e., Set, and that he was represented by an animal is proved by the hieroglyphic form of his name, which is determined by the skin of an animal. http://www.touregypt.net/heliogod.htm