She pool of water. The Egyptians portrayed bodies of water by means of equally spaced vertical wave lines. When these lines are inclosed by a rectangle it denotes a lake or pool. The Egyptians believed water was the primeval matter from which aII creation began http://www.egyptartsite.com/symlst.html#sky China: She = Zodiac Sign of Snake People born in the Year of the Snake share certain characteristics. The Snake Sign is an abbreviated way of characterizing that individual’s personality. Following are features associated with the Sign of the Snake. Sixth in order, Chinese name—SHE, sign of the sagacity Hour—9am-10:59am Month—May Western Counterpart—Taurus CHARACTERISTICS Acute, Aware, Cunning, Proud, Vain, Vicious http://www.usbridalguide.com/special/chinesehoroscopes/Snake.htm

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