Lu In Tibet, Lu is one of the Names for Dragon (cf. Zhug and Naga): Similar to Naga in Buddhism, Lu dwells in rivers, lakes or underground. Animals related to Lu include snakes, fish and frogs. Lu has many different images in Bon scriptures and temples. He has a human body with the head of a snake, a horse, a pig, a deer or a lion. Common to all these concepts is the tail of a snake. It is said that Lu can transform itself into a snake, so Lu worship probably originated in primitive snake worship. According to Bon doctrines, Lu is in charge of land and rainfall, so the Bon followers dare not dig in the earth around a house, for fear of offending Lu. http://www.tibetinfor.com.cn/english/services/forum/for_003.htm Lu - the energies underlying bodily health http://www.tibetan-astrology.net/article.html

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