01. Mesha

Mesha April 14 to May 15 Planetary Ruler: Mangal, Meaning: Ram, Attitude: adventurous, Lucky Gem: Coral Positive traits: Warm, loving, courageous, active, physical, dynamic, original, independent, pioneering, forceful, adventurous, sporty, confident, heroic and open. http://www.komilla.com/pages/Column-July.html Mantra Sounds a ā i ī http://sarbani.com/mantra/mantra_rashi_chakra.htm Keralites celebrates their New Year as Vishu. It is the day on which the sun enters the Mesha zodiac according to astronomical and astrological calculations popular in the state. On the celestial map it comes after the autumnal equinox. http://whatkeralais.blogspot.com/

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