pUrvapakSa m. the fore part or side the first half of a lunar month , the fortnight of the waxing moon a day in the first half the first half of a year an action at law , the first statement of the plaintiff , first step in a law-suit the first objection to an assertion in any discussion , the prima facie view or argument in any question (cf. IW. 99) ; {-grantha} m. {-tha-TIkA} f. {-tha-prakAza} m. {-tha-rahasya} n. {-thAnu-gama} m. {-nirukti} f. N. of wks. {-pAda} m. the first step of a legal process or law-suit , the plaint of the plaintiff W. -rahasya} n. {-lakSaNa} n. {-vyApti} f. {-ti-kroDa} {-ti-lakSaNa} n.%{-vyutpatti-lakSaNa} n. {-vyutpatti-vAda} m. {-kSAvalI} f. N. of wks.

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