Damodara is another name for the month of Karttika: Krishna appears to take birth from the womb of Devaki, but in actuality He eternally exists. That Supreme Soul is known as Damodara, meaning one who was bound around the waist by His foster mother Yashoda. He is called Hrishikesha because He is the Lord of the senses, and only by His grace can the fleeting senses be controlled. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is called Mahavahu, because He holds up the Earth and the sky with His two arms. He is also known as Adhoksaja because He never falls down of suffers deterioration. He is called Narayana because He is the resting place of all living beings. That Supreme Lord is called Purushottama because he is the foremost of all living beings. He possesses knowledge of all things, and is therefore known as Sarva. Truth always resides in Krishna, and He is therefore known as Satya. He is called Ananta because He holds all the planets in their proper orbits. Krishna is the Divine Lord of all beings, and it is He who will come here tomorrow to prevent the slaughter of the Kurus. http://www.philosophy.ru/library/asiatica/indica/itihasa/mahabharata/eng/gbmb05xt.html

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