Jing Terms

Jing Essence of Life or Primordial Essence. Jing also means Rest Yin Dark Yang Light Jing Rest Dong Movement Female Male Moon Sun Jing was given many symbolic or hidden names, among the most common ones: kan 坎, geng 庚, or the seventh of the heavenly stems, metal, si 四, jiu 九, or 4 and 9 represent the magnetic west, and the tiger, according to Hetu 河圖, or the River Chart, zhenqian 真鉛, or the true lead, baixue 白雪, or the white snow, jinye 金液, or the golden liquid, shuihu 水虎, or the water tiger, beifangheche 北方河車, or the northern river chariot, kanwuyuejing 坎戊月精, or the essence of moon at kan position (north) of Bagua, and wu, the fifth of the heavenly stems, earth. http://www.literati-tradition.com/meditative_practice.html

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