Hat with 4 Faces

Hat with 4 Faces King Metolfi - Goat with 4 Eyes Eshu rummaged Ifa ; it was prescribed it a sacrifice that consisted of a hat and in four cloth pieces of different colours. The Spirit Ifa remodel the hat ; it tranform it in a head covers with four faces whose each had its colour ; it give it to Eshu that was going thus equipped. Eshu found the first lady of the king on the road ; it killed it. The goat informed immediately the monarch. The population of the kingdom had observed the scene equally; but each man and goat, describe the reponsible of the crime that according to its viewpoint, according to the face of the hat (and therefore its colour) that it could see, without suspecting that the other persons saw an other colour. http://perso.orange.fr/paul.g.aclinou/visitang/falegba.htm

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