Banu Raja

Banu Raja The learned astrologers say that Banu Raja or Apollo the Sun God enters Constellation Citra (Spica) in the Aries sign of the Zodiac. At this moment of time Thagyamin or Indra descends the planet earth, abode of human beings with his two trusted aides: Martali and Withagyone on a three-day working visit to take stock of events. He brings with him a golden book to record the names of children who behave well, and a dog-hide book to note down those who are naughty. This indeed is a sensible legend especially to mothers providing them with sound justification to admonish their unruly children, pointing out to the Thagyamin to champion her cause. http://www.myanmar.gov.mm/Perspective/persp2003/4-2003/thi.htm Martali and Withagyone Golden Book - Dog-Hide Book

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