Trinity: Bablyon

Trinity: Babylon Moon Sun Venus Nanna Utu Inanna Water Fire Air Babbar Justice Beneath the original Trinity of Creator gods, came a secondary heavenly Trinity of Sun, Moon and Venus. Firts was Nanna, the Moon, god of Ur, who was the son of Enlil. Curiously Utu, the sun god was the child of the moon god, seemingly showing a tendency to regard the more tenuous as the more important—thus Air, Moon, Sun are the first generations of the gods. In the south the sun might have been seen as a too punishing to have been a primary god. He was honoured mainly as a god of justice. Utu was also called Babbar and his temple was E-Babbara, the House of the Sun, perhaps the origin of the word Babylon. Last was Inanna, the Sumerian, Venus, goddess of love and fertility, plainly an identity of the displaced Great Mother. http://www.adelphiasophism.com/gog/gg07.html

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