mara 33 Cocculus Cordifolius Euphorbia Tirucalli Panicum Dactylon Pine Sanseviera Roxburghiana Tiaridium Indicum Umbilical Knot amara amara mf({A} Mn. ii , 148 ; %{I} R. i , 34 , 16)n. undying , immortal , imperishable m. a god , a deity MBh. &c. hence (in arithm.) the number 33 N. of a Marut the plant Euphorbia Tirucalli the plant Tiaridium Indicum a species of pine quicksilver N. of Amarasinha of a mountain (see {-parvata}) mystical signification of the letter {u} {A}) f. the residence of Indra the umbilical cord after-birth a house-post N. of several plants , panicum Dactylon , Cocculus Cordifolius , &c. L. ; ({I}) f. the plant Sanseviera Roxburghiana L.

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