Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
dIrgha mf({A})n. (compar. {drAghIyas} , superl. {drAghiSTha} [qq. vv.] rarely {dirghatara} [Panc. iv , 13/14] and {-tama} [BhP. vii , 5 , 44]) long (in space and time) , lofty , high , tall ; deep RV. AV. Br. &c. long (in prosody) Prat. Mn. &c. {am}) ind. long , for a long time (superl. {-atamam} m. along vowel a camel L. ; Saccharum Sara ; Shorea Robusta = {utkaTa} , {rAma-zara} &c. a mystical N. of the letter {a} Up. the 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th sign of the zodiac Jyot. N. of a prince of Magadha of Siva {A}) f. an oblong tank (cf. {-ghikA}) a kind of plant= {-pattrA} a mystical N. of the letter {n} n. a species of grass N. of a Saman ArshBr. [Fr. {drAgh} ; cf. also Gk. $; Sl. {dlugu}.]

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