kalaza m. (n. L.) a waterpot , pitcher , jar , dish RV. &c. Sak. Hit. &c. (the breasts of a woman are frequently compared to jars cf. {stana-k-} and {kumbha}) m. a butter-tub , churn MBh. a particular measure (= {droNa}) SarngS. a round pinnacle on the top of a temple (esp. the pinnacle crowning a Buddhist Caitya or Stupa) Kad. N. of a man RV. x , 32 , 9 of a poet ; of a Naga MBh. v ({I}) f. a pitcher &c. Balar. a churn Hemionitis cordifolia Susr. N. of a Tirtha MBh. [cf. Gk. $ ; Lat. {calix}.]

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