Pamantul the telluric productive force of the Earth (Pament TN – today pamant), under the name of Gaia, Ga, Tellus, and later Terra But her honorific principal title was Ma, Mater (Eschyl, Supplices, v.890: Ma Ga as Matter Terra), Mater (Varro, L.L. V.64) and Parens, while her oldest attributes were Pammateira (Homer, Hymn. in Terram Matrem, v.1), Pammator (Eschyl, Prometheus, v.90), or Mother of all, and protomantis (Eschyl, Supplices, v.117), the first prophetess, only literary attributes in fact, showing in their forced form the early authors’ attempts to assimilate to Greek language some archaic Pelasgian words. The names Pammitera, Pammitor and protomantis, applied exclusively to the divinity Gaea, are just simple imitations of the word Pament, which belongs to the Pelasgian idiom. http://www.pelasgians.bigpondhosting.com/website2/12_02.htm

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