Baba Caia

re: Pamentul or Gaea The origin of this divinity, as a principle and a personification, was at the north of the Lower Danube, the place where Homer and Hesiod place the genesis of the Gods, at the ancient river called ‘Okeanos potamos (Homer, Iliad, XIV.v.201) or Istru, where was the holly island of Gaea, with the golden apples (Pherechydis, Frag. 33). At the point where the mountains of Banat are separated from the Serbian ones, and the Danube enters the dangerous straits of the Carpathians, downstream of the town today called Moldova, rises in the middle of this river a rock with a particular shape, and near it stretches an island of a considerable size. This rock and island had a very important role in the prehistoric religion, and they have even today the name Baba Caia, meaning the Old Mother Gaia [1 http://www.pelasgians.bigpondhosting.com/website2/12_02.htm

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