Dabog http://www.pantheon.org/articles/d/dabog.html Dabog (Gift-Lord ?) South Slavonic A clear cognate with Dazhdebog, just below. Some sources, however, hold that Dabog is an earthly, rather than aerial figure, and that the two should be differentiated. Dazhdebog (Gift-Lord, The God of Gifts) East Slavonic A God of sun and warmth, son of Svarog and one of the eight primary Slavonic deities. He is regarded as the ultimate ancestor of the Russian people, and even today a poetic reference to Russians can be made using the phrase "children" or "grandchildren of Dazhdebog". Note also, a very strong parallel or link to the much earlier Sumerian Dazibogu. http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/SlavPan.html#Vainamoinen

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