07 October

07 October BAKHOS (Bakhos) 7 October POLYCHRONIS (Polychronios) 7 October SERGIOS (Sergios, Sergio) 7 October http://www.eortologio.gr/data/eortes/namedays_october.htm Zahak - Kawa the Smith In fact, and according to Dr Hussein Tahiri, a 1991 Iranian calendar published by a group called the Guardians of the Iranian Culture, outlines the seventh of October as the anniversary of the victory of Kawa over the Arab Zahak. In view of this group, Zahak was an Arab [14]. This legend is therefore dated to post Islamic Arab conquest, and since there was no Arab influence in the region before Islam, therefore it cannot predate the Assyrian/Babylonian narratives. Other legends claim that Zahak was the last king of the Medes. This latter legend states that the Persians revolted against the evil deeds of the king of the Medes. http://www.zindamagazine.com/html/archives/2004/5.3.04/index.php

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