26 October

26 October DIMITRA (Dimitra, Dimitria, Dimi) 26 October DIMITRIOS (Demetris, Dimitris, Dimitrios, Jim, James) 26 October http://www.eortologio.gr/data/eortes/namedays_october.htm Roman festivals - first day of Ludi Victoriae Sullanae (until 1 November) R.C. Saints - October 26th is the feast day of the following Roman Catholic Saints: St. Albinus St. Alfred the Great St. Cedd St. Cuthbert of Canterbury St. Demetrius (aka St. Dimitrios) of Thessaloniki St. Fulk St. Quadragesimus Austria - National Day: Anniversary of the Declaration of Neutrality (1955) Nauru - Angam Day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_26
cf. 08 November in old calendar

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