01 June

Carna (Roman) June 01 The festival of Carna, the Roman goddess associated with the bodily organs, particularly the heart. http://www.pantheon.org/miscellaneous/feastdays.html Saint Justin St. Inigo St. Candida Bl. Alexius Bl. Alphonsus de Mena Bl. Andrew Sushinda Bl. Andrew Tokuan Bl. Anthony of Tuy St. Atto St. Wistan St. Valens St. Telga Bl. Theobald St. Thespesius St. Secundus St. Caprasius St. Conrad of Trier St. Crescentian Bl. Dominic Nifaki Bl. Dominic of Fiunga Bl. Dominic of the Holy Rosary Bl. Dominic Shibioge Bl. Dominic Tomaki St. Eneco Bl. Ferdinand Ayala St. Firmus St. Fortunatus St. Felinus and Gratian Bl. John Storey St. Justin Martyr St. Juventius St. Leo Tanaka St. Reverianus St. Ronan St. Pamphilus http://www.catholic.org/saints/f_day/jun.php

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