Magha Star

Magha Star = Star Makam http://www.scientificastrology.com/Vedic_astrology/MAKAM.htm Magha nakshatra (Regulas or Leonis) Spread from 0 degree to 13:20’ Simha. The ruling planet is Ketu, the deity is ‘Pitrigan’. Symbol - The royal Court with a royal throne http://www.astrojyoti.com/makha.htm Around the time of 2300 BC, Regulus was called the “flame star” or “red fire.” This was because of the Sun being near the area of the sky which Regulus occupied. It was thought that Regulus teamed up with the Sun and the combined heat was responsible for the hot weather during this time of the year. Much later, Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, earned the same reputation when precession of the Earth’s axis shifted the Sun to be near Sirius during the hot part of summer.... Magha meaning the mighty one or the great is located near the forehead of the Lion. Its symbol is a palanquin, the royal seat upon which the king was carried through the towns he ruled. Ruled by Ketu, Magha’s yoni (source) is Rat. Its motivation is Artha. Its ruling deities are Pitris, the great fathers of humanity. They function as guardian angels giving protection in the event of major calamities on earth. The original progenitors of the human race, as the Pitris are considered; they are still worshipped in traditional Hindu families even today. They help to maintain traditional cultural purity. The Pitris represent ancestral pride and personal power. The words pitru, pritutheertham relate to father. The star makam also is known by this nomenclature- it is the day of the tenth star-suited to perform duties to “the father.” Magh (a), the eleventh month of the Hindu calendar, corresponds to January in the Gregorian calendar. http://www.boloji.com/astro/00334a.htm

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