5 Rivers

paJcanada Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary n. the Panjab or country of 5 rivers (viz. the Sata-dru , Vipasa , Iravati , Candra-bhaga , and Vitasta , i.e. the Sutlej , Beas , Ravi , Chenab , and Jhelum or Behut) MBh. R. Rajat. (also {I} f. Hcat.) N. of sev. Tirthas (esp. of one near the junction of the Kirana and , Dhuta-papa with the Ganges after the union of the latter river with the Yamuna and Sarasvati) MBh. SkandaP. m. or n. N. of a river produced by the junction of the 5 rivers of the Panjab and which falls into the Sindhu m. a prince of Panca-nada MBh. (pl. the inhabitants of Panca-nada MBh.) ; N. of an Asura n. of a teacher {-kSetra-mAhAtmya} n. N. of wk. {-tIrtha} n. N. of a sacred bathing-place (cf. above) {-mAhAtmya} n. N. of wk.

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