bAhIka mfn. (fr. {bahis} ; but also written {vAhIka}) being outside , external , exterior Pan. 4-1 , 85 Va1rtt. 5 Pat. relating to the Balhikas , g: {palady-Adi} m. (pl.) N. of a despised people of the Panjab SBr. &c. &c. (often confounded with the Balhikas) ; a man of the Bahikas MBh. N. of a priest Cat. = {upa-zama} Buddh. ; = {kASThaka} , {pAlaka} , or {go-rakSaka} Hcar. Sch. an ox n. N. of a lake or piece of water in the country of the Bahikas MBh.

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