malla Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. a wrestler or boxer by profession (the offspring of an out-caste Kshatriya by a kshatriya female who was previously the wife of another out-caste Mn. x , 22 ; xii , 45) , an athlete , a very strong man N. of a king called Narayana of the 21st Arhat of the future Utsarpini. of an Asura (see {mallAsura}) of various men a vessel , boiler (also {I} f. L.) ; the remnant of an oblation a kind of fish (= {kapAlin}) the cheek and temples pl. N. of a people MBh. Hariv. &c. {A}) f. a woman N. of two women ornamenting the person with coloured unguents (= {pattra-vallI}) Arabian jasmine (cf. {mallikA}) mfn. strong , robust L. ; good , excellent . 21 mAlla m. (fr. {malla} g. {sAMkalAdi}) N. of a partic. mixed caste (cf. {mAlu}).

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