Kanthakarnam Theyyam

Kanthakarnam Theyyam 14-16 Makaram The person performing the theyyam wears the costumes one by one, standing a little away. A skirt of tender coconut leaves is fixed on his waist. On top of it, on a horizontal plane, 16 torches are fixed. People around him recite the thottam. A 15 feet tall head gear decorated with tender coconut leaves all along on both sides with 28 half moons made of silver arranged one above the other on the background of a red cloth, a spear drawn at the centre of two concentric black circles below is fixed on his head. The torches on his waist are now lit. ....Bathing in the light of the torches, wearing his majestic head gear, accompanied by the shouts of hara haro hara, Kanthakarnan walks to the Kalari. (Then O King, thousands of torches banished the darkness, the night appeared like a day - Harivamsa ) http://www.geocities.com/krishnadas_a2000/krishna/khanta/kantha_theyyam.html