The Old God

The Old God Old God of Death, Lord of Winter and of night. God of winter, Lord of death, dreams, and magic, the Old God represents the Sun in its waning state in the Dark Half of the year, and the God in His Involuted or inward-turning state, when He turns from physical to spiritual pursuits.... the Old God breaks down into the King and the Sorcerer.... The King is the God of justice and cosmic order, prosperity and expansion (Jupiter). And the Sorcerer is the Divine Fool, the Magician who rules over magic, prophesy, and the Otherworld (Mercury). The Sorcerer is also called the Horned God, because He is often shown with horns or antlers, and is identified with the forest (as a symbol of the Otherworld). http://www1.freewebs.com/witchesweb/theaspectsofthegod.htm central Mexican deity associated with the Mayan rain god Chac http://www.athenapub.com/mayeffg1.htm