The Young God

The Young God Young God of Life, Lord of summer and of day God of Summer, Lord of life, strength, and creativity, the Young God represents the Sun at the height of it’s powers in the Light Half of the year, and the God in His evoluted or outward-turning state, when he focuses on growth and expansion.... In mythology the God is sometimes portrayed as a single figure Who grows from the Young God to the Old God, spending Summer as the Young God with the Mother Goddess in the land of the Living, and Winter as the Old God with the Crone Goddess in the Otherworld -As in the myth of Adonis Who spends Summer with Venus but Winter with Persephone, or Tammuz Who spends Summer with Ishtar and Winter with Allat. Sometimes He is portrayed as two separate figures, with the Goddess being the One to spend part of the year with the Young God, and part with the Old God: as in the myth of Blodeuwydd Who spends summer with Lugh and winter with Hafgan. Both variations tell the same story: in the Dance of Life the soul is moved forward through a continual cycle of Death and Rebirth.... The Young God breaks down into the Hero and the Lover The Hero is the Champion Who overcomes all obstacles and embodies creativity, vitality, and self expression (Astrologically: Mars). The Lover is the Consort of the Goddess, the Dying and reborn God Who embodies all virtues (the Sun). http://www1.freewebs.com/witchesweb/theaspectsofthegod.htm