zAnta 1 mfn. (perhaps always w.r. for 1. {zAta} q.v.) = {zAnita} L. ; thin , slender Hariv. R. (Sch.) 44 zAnta 2 mfn. (fr. 1. {zam}) appeased , pacified , tranquil , calm , free from passions , undisturbed Up. MBh. &c. soft , pliant Hariv. ; gentle , mild , friendly , kind , auspicious (in augury ; opp. to {dIpta}) AV. &c. &c. abated , subsided , ceased , stopped , extinguished , averted ({zAntam} or {dhikzAntam} or {zAntampApam} , may evil or sin be averted! may God forfend! Heaven forbid! not so!) SBr. MBh. Ka1v. &c. rendered ineffective , innoxious , harmless (said of weapons) MBh. R. come to an end , gone to rest , deceased , departed , dead , died out ib. Ragh. Rajat. purified , cleansed W. ; m. an ascetic whose passions are subdued W. tranquillity , contentment (as one of the Rasas q.v.) N. of a son of Day MBh. of a son of Manu Tamasa MarkP. of a son of Sambara Hariv. of a son of Idhma-jihva BhP. of a son of Apa VP. of a Devaputra Lalit. {A}) f. (in music) a partic. Sruti Samgit. Emblica Officinalis Prosopis Spicigera and another species a kind of Durva grass a partic. drug (= {reNukA}) N. of a daughter of Dasa-ratha (adopted daughter of Loma-pada or Roma-pada and wife of Rishya-sringa) MBh. Hariv. R. (with Jainas) of a goddess who executes the orders of the 7th Arhat of a Sakti MW. n. tranquillity , peace of mind BhP. N. of a Varsha in Jambu-dvipa ib. N. of a Tirtha W.