Gardens of Adonis

Gardens of Adonis During the Adonia, the informal ancient Athenian festival for Adonis, women would plant in baskets and shallow pots Gardens of Adonis of wheat, barley, lettuces, fennel, and other quickly germinating plants on the roofs of the houses. The plants grew rapidly, but also died quickly due to their shallow root systems, and were discarded at the end of eight days, often with other images of the god.... According to Johannes Meursius, these two rituals made two distinct feasts, which were held at different times of the year, the one six months after the other; Adonis being supposed to pass half the year with Proserpine, and half with Venus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adonia These baskets are the well-known Gardens of Adonis fully described in The Golden Bough. They are grown for nine days, and on the tenth day are taken in procession by the women and deposited in a river. The women may be seen carrying the baskets of wheat to the river after the nine days’ fasts of Chait and Kunwār (March and September) in many towns of the Central Provinces, as the Athenian women carried the Gardens of Adonis to the sea on the day that the expedition under Nicias set sail for Syracuse.137 http://www.gutenberg.org/files/20583/20583-h/20583-h.htm